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Counselling, Coaching and Therapy

Gavin Sharpe provides counselling, coaching and therapy services in the United Kingdom and to the English speaking communities on the French Riviera.  Gavin is a British qualified therapist and an accredited life and executive coach.

I work with others to enable them to unlock their potential.  I believe that within all of us lies the resources to live the life that we were born capable of living.  I offer a safe and confidential space for individuals to explore the reality of their lives.

I acknowledge and honour each individual’s sense of uniqueness. Working to the highest ethical standards, I offer a bespoke journey to a healthier place where I hope my clients will be able to live authentically, love fully and learn more about themselves and their lives.

Services provided by Gavin


The first consultation presents us with an opportunity to identify what the key issues are. At the end of the consultation, we can explore whether we wish to work together. A consultation session will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Fees are dependent on the services required (counselling or coaching, face-to face or online etc.) and so are based on individual circumstances.

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