Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction

What Is Sexual Addiction?

Sexual Addiction is the umbrella term used to describe the different number of compulsive sexual behaviours including but not limited to multiple sexual partners, pornography addiction, paying for sex, voyeurism as well as online infidelity, online sex and porn addiction. These behaviours when left unchecked may have negative and destructive outcomes in one’s life.

According to The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) “Sexual Addiction is a persistent and escalating pattern or patterns of sexual behaviors acted out despite increasingly negative consequences to self or others”.

Sex addiction is not about having too much sex. People suffering from sexual addiction struggle to get their emotional needs met in healthy ways. Instead they develop a dependent relationship to sex which leads to a pattern of out-of-control behaviour.

With the onset of the Internet, accessibility to sex is now much easier than ever before and it can be accessed with relative anonymity. Like all addictive behaviours the potential consequences can be devastating: loss of self-esteem, damaged relationships, financial and professional ruin, compromised health and so forth.

One of the fundamental problems with diagnosing and treating sexual addiction is that there is no visible scarring like other addictions (Drugs, Alcohol, Food, Gambling) and as a result it can go underground for many years which forces the sexual addict to live a double life.

I work in partnership with one of Europe’s leading sex addiction treatment centres. We specialise in treating sexual addiction with a particular emphasis on rebuilding healthy relationships with oneself and others.

Individual Treatment

In one-to-one counselling, I work with individuals to identify and explore the root causes of their addictive behaviour and we work together to identify a sustainable treatment plan that will enhance a lifelong recovery.

Men’s Intensive Programmes

I run a number of programmes ranging in duration, and often in conjunction with my colleagues in U.K. Most commonly the One Week Men’s Intensive Programmes are a practical alternative to residential treatment. We use psycho-education and group therapy to encourage positive change. An important component of the group process is experiential in nature. The group works together, supports each other and shares their similar issues. Progress is evidenced by increased awareness and the ability to make healthy choices versus being driven by impulses.

For more information in identifying the right treatment plan for you, please contact me in the strictest confidence.