Couples Counselling/Therapy

Most relationships go through difficult times. Each individual in the couple can end up feeling frustrated, stuck, isolated, angry and/or resentful.

We may find ourselves struggling to communicate effectively which leads to more frequents arguments and/or a pattern of blaming each other. Anger and resentment can grow in this space.

Sometimes the problems are of a sexual nature where perhaps there are differences in sexual desire within the relationship.

A couple may be struggling to come to terms with the impact of infidelity on the relationship.

Sometimes the reasons for feeling stuck are hard to identify but there is a feeling that one has just drifted apart from their partner or spouse. In today’s forever “on-the-go” world, managing busy careers and juggling family responsibilities can overwhelm us, both as individuals and in our relationship as a couple.

I offer relationship counselling to same-sex and heterosexual individuals and couples and my clients come from a wide range of different backgrounds, cultures and religions.